Why is this channel needed?

The following are the reasons why I created this Channel. The first and the most thing is that I enjoy teaching to the max. I believe I am passionate about teaching. Let’s say I am teaching, and if I found out that there is just one soul who understood what I was talking about, it gives me a lifetime of pleasure because I feel like either I gave them water or showed them where and how to get water when they were thirsty like the thirsty until their mouth gets dried. You know what the feeling of thirst looks like, and I know many youth people are struggling with how to address their hunger for knowledge, especially in my home country Ethiopia. And I am here to provide as much as I can, contribute something, and challenge myself in new terms.

Reason number two, when I was an undergraduate student, there wasn’t a strong community where I could engage in asking for help or even provide some solutions for those who were in need. So, I have been planning to take this journey for a long time, but I was procrastinating, pushing it aside, letting other things take priority, and the fear of not turning up on the scale I wanted to turn up are the main reasons holding me back so far. But I forgot that life is happening now, not tomorrow. My third reason will be to stop procrastinating and start doing. To dare try an unseen path, take responsibility, and set me up for the challenges.

My final reason will be that I always wanted to be, as I call it, a student-teacher. To teach, you must master the thing you are teaching, and the only way you can do it is by consistently learning. So, I don’t want to stop learning, trying new things, upgrading my skills, and giving them back to the people in need.

What does the channel contain or all about?

My initial thought was that since there are many students and individuals who are struggling to understand programming, I wanted to teach programming, but it turns out there is a lot I can offer more than just programming. Of course, the objective of this channel will be about programming. Still, the overall goal is to create a community where everyone can help each other in any way possible in computer science. Although the channel is all about programming, we are not going to dive into the world of programming. I love to take things slow. I will start from the beginning (from the basics) until AI. If you know the basics well, nothing is complicated. If you ask how basics we are talking about, I will say, ‘I think it will be clearer if I show you what I mean. Look at the following picture'.

Depending on the device you are watching, it might get smaller. So, let me take it and break it down.

In the first part, we will talk about computers, why they are made, and how we describe data in computers.

In the second part, we will look at what is happening inside the so-called computers looking at the operations, types of programming languages, and terminologies. We will finish this section by preparing ourselves for codding.

This is where we will pick up a programming language and do the practical stuff. We will pick the C++ programming language and work on practical skills as much as possible. Why C++? Because most of our universities teach programming fundamentals in C++, I want this channel to be a reference for students.

Then to become better programmers, we try to master how to organize our data inside the program by looking at data structures and algorithms.

When are we coming to an end? Unfortunately, there is no so-called end to the quest for knowledge. So, we will expand ourselves to web development, API Development, Data Processing, and AI model generation.

What are the Schedules (Dates Videos will be Released)?

I don’t know when we will address all our plans but by believing in ourselves and saying starting is half the job done, let's move forward.

As a plan, I plan to release at least one, at most, three videos per week. That’s a must. If I didn’t do one per week, feel free to hold me accountable by emailing me at this email address. When we get to the codding part, we will have 1hour live session to answer your questions and revise what we studied during the week.

I am excited to start this new quest with you if you are ready to join me. Let’s hold each other’s hand; let’s pull or push whenever we feel tired.