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Bitzs Alex

Joined: Nov 03, 2021

Daejeon, South Korea
Chungnam National University

For starters, one of the main things that define me the best is my alacrity, and eagerness to learn and acquire new technologies. But most importantly, I am passionate not only about knowing things but also about becoming a true professional and expert. I am also a firm believer that you become the people you surround yourself with. These are the reasons that made me persevere in front of face all the challenges I have faced to create this site as well as my YouTube channel.

I am a person who hates to limit myself. I am always fortunate not to limit by how much I can do or how far I can go in the pursuit of my dreams despite my potential and passion, which is why I wanted to be a teacher always. The pursuit of knowledge and excellence has always been my dream. Whenever I think of making my dream come true, I do not want to settle for less than the best. I also avoid putting all my focus on what I’m taught at school. I’m good at looking for other sources of knowledge, taking more courses online, and getting new abilities.

I believe this environment will bring me to a higher elevation and make me see all the doubts I have from the top. I am confident enough that the skills I will acquire to provide content for this blog as well as for my channel and the people I meet and surround myself with on these platforms have the pushing factor to get me to the top.