The Spaces' Plot

A little about the BitzsSpace!

For the starter, I am a person who is passionate about teaching. For me, teaching is something I enjoy the most in my life; I love being a teacher always because it always set me on the path of studies; teaching is always learning.

I have been dreaming about having my own limitless space where I can share my Tech experiences freely with others and give an insight to at least one person in this world. So, this space will be the reflection of my desire for becoming a student-teacher since a teacher is always a student.

Who am I?

From my real name, Desalegn Betizazu Alemu (too long right?), Bitzs Alex is just an anagram. I am 26. I am originally from Ethiopia but currently I am not located there. If you wonder why am not located there, well the answer will be: I am just a studnet pursuing my MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Specifically Computer Vision).

I believe that am passionate talking about my experiences and let the listener learn from my fuckups or my successes. Basically, I could say am passionate about teaching anything which I have prior experience with to others.

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Why this blog is needed?

Well, I can mention a whole lot of reasons why it is needed but let me put just the main ones.

First, to be a teacher you must be a consistent student. Without knowing things, you can’t teach them; right? Although I lost my student instinct a while ago, now I felt like it’s the time to pick up my student instinct and try to learn new things every single day. This blog will be a place where I can reflect on the things I learned on a weekly basis.

Second, to consider yourself a teacher you don’t have to necessarily pick chalk (or whiteboard marker) and walk into a class full of students. That’s what my assumption was but after I found out what my purpose is; my other version popped up and said ‘well if you write about your findings in the tech world, you might change at least one person’s life who is going through the path you already walked' and that’s exactly what am doing here; sharing my experience.

What am I going to write here?

Literally, I am going to write about anything in the tech world. It could be about Programming, applications, news, Machine Learning, and/or AI.

I am a student who is in seek of new knowledge. I believe knowledge is a two-way sharp sword that can cut anything that’s found on the earth. So, I’m hoping to dedicate myself to this blog could help me to become a hungry student who is starving for new knowledge every single day.

With that all being said, I would like to say Welcome; Welcome to my quest. Let’s do this together.

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